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Give the Edge to Your Resume with a Kellogg Degree

The Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University (Chicago), is unanimously regarded as one of the most reputable business schools in the whole world. A management degree from this institute is valued all over the business world and is the passport to a glittering career strewn with opportunities and accolades. A list of alumni of the Kellogg School of Management reads like a Who’s Who of the corporate world. Their success stories, carved on the foundation of solid education, inspire countless students to dream about entering the haloed portals of the school and earn a coveted degree.

Kellogg MBA Options

The Kellogg School of Management offers a host of MBA programs for aspiring students. Apart from the full-time MBA courses, the School also offers part-time courses that take place in the evenings and on Saturdays. A student can also take a part-time MBA program in the fast-track mode wherein the entire curriculum is covered in less time and spans fewer courses than the duration of the traditional program.

A Kellogg alumnus is instantly recognized the world over as a product of an institution where the learning not only goes to fantastic intellectual depths but also confers upon the students the ability to apply their knowledge to solve practical problems. The School fosters a mindset for innovation, an attitude that is common to visionaries and achievers in both the corporate and non-profit worlds.

So it is only natural that the fees for such a prestigious MBA program would run into thousands of dollars. Additionally, a student has to also take into account expenses for books and supplies, accommodation, and/or commuting. A Kellogg MBA degree may well turn out to be prohibitively expensive for some.

Thankfully, Kellogg financial aid makes it possible for aspiring managers, industry thought leaders, and change agents to enroll for a degree from this prestigious institution and lay the foundation for a stellar career.

What do You need to Know About the Best Kellogg MBA Loans?

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The most favorable Kellogg MBA loans, eligible for U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents, offer students numerous conveniences. For instance, these loans have fixed low rates and at 6.24 percent, these are far cheaper than the Federal Direct PLUS loan. Furthermore, you will not need to pay the interest amount on the loan during your graduation period and only start repaying after six months from graduating. This spares you the need to constantly juggle your finances as you study for your degree.

On the other hand, you will get enough time to settle into your job (you are sure to land one when you are armed with a Kellogg degree) and a new life before you can start repaying. And if you secure a job with a fat paycheck, you can even pre-pay your loan without forking over for any penalty. These loans are also eligible for hardship deferral should you, unfortunately, find yourself unable to start repaying even after six months from graduating.

A Wider and Richer Landscape

Kellogg MBA financial aid helps launch many a glittering management career and the terms of the loan have been deliberately framed so that the deserving student can reach for his dreams. Hey, even in recession perpetuated by taxes and regulations does not mean there is not still some opportunity available. The numbers do not lie; a Kellog MBA can put you in the driver’s seat.

This post was written by Tamala Taylor.

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