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How Technology Has Improved Teaching For Teachers And Students

Technology has been improving the lives of people all around the world for decades and the professional industries are no exception. Almost all industries from medicine to education draw upon and take advantage of the resources that technology can offer. Technology is used in the classrooms to help students learn and to help teachers teach. The advantage it offers is unparalleled and here are some of the ways that educators can capitalize on technology.

Technology can make lessons more engaging 

Providing engaging lessons is one of the most vital components of your lesson planning. If you want to interest and inspire your students your lessons have to captivate and interest them. Gone are the days of reciting textbooks and copying from a board. Today teachers can create lessons tailored to students’ needs and interests and they can use technology to make those lessons more visually appealing or more interactive for students. This can be by slideshows, or video clips to help teach their lessons more effectively.

Collaborative education 

Technology is a great way to communicate and collaborate. Educators can share their ideas and lesson plans with other educators easily online. These lesson plans can then be added to, commented on and feedback provided. Alternatively, technology such as LanSchool original on-premise classroom software promotes collaboration between students and teachers with useful tools such as screen sharing, screen broadcasting, and messaging features. 

Smarter working 

Technology has been improving efficiency in all industries for decades now and education certainly falls into this remit. The software can help teachers to provide differentiated instructions and assign different tasks to different students thus allowing them to meet the needs of individual students. This can help cut down on time spent on lesson planning and grading papers. 

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Similarly, technology also allows for smarter and more efficient working for students. They can store and access notes easily on their devices and the time spent typing up assignments is considerably less and easier than handwriting every piece of work. 

Greater access to resources

Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of using technology for education is the access to resources. A school that might once have had limited resources can now enjoy access to a plethora of previously out-of-reach resources. If you so wanted you could delve into the Australian, Canadian, or British education system for resources or comparative models to learn from. You can access paid subscription services to simplify lesson planning or provide more effective educational resources. Alternatively, it can be used to supplement coursework for students who may need extra help or who learn in slightly different ways. Technology has also impacted students’ access to resources as they have so many answers, tools, and resources at the click of a button. Long gone are the days of trawling through textbooks and library books trying to find the answers and additional information they need. The impact of technology on the resources it provides educators is limitless and has been a truly powerful and transformative addition to classrooms the world over. 

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