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Six Tips For Studying As An Online Learner

Online studies, from taking an online degree or filling in the gaps in your qualifications to boost your career, are becoming very popular. Online education is flexible for busy people and is now more accessible than ever thanks to better technology. Online study can be more of a challenge than traditional study, and you will need to be motivated to make it work.

  1. Set a clear goal. Why are you choosing the studies you want to do? Are you studying to master a  new skill? Do you need a professional qualification to get promoted or have you missed standard qualifications and want to catch up? With sites like you can prepare for different kinds of study, but to feel the dedication you’ll need, you must know why you’re doing it. If you start with this goal clear in your mind, you’re less likely to be tempted to give up. 
  2. Can you keep up? Online courses can have a fast pace and without a teacher in the room to keep you on track, you’ll need to find your own motivation. You must be certain that you can keep up with the work required of you, without anyone nudging you along to keep up. Ask a friend if they will check in regularly and make sure you’re still working as much as you need to be. 
  3. Check the technical requirements of the course. If you’re studying online, then you will be need to make sure you have access to any equipment you need. For most courses, you’ll just need a computer and an internet connection. Some courses might have other needs, such as a good graphics card or audio editing software. Check what you’ll need before you get started so you don’t get stuck halfway through the course. 
  4. Make sure you have internet that you can rely on. You’ll need an internet connection that doesn’t cut out. If your internet does get interrupted, you might fall behind in an online class. Make sure you have good internet at home but have a few back-up places where you can get online, in case your connection goes down at home. The library, cafes or internet cafes are great solutions to any internet troubles. A wired connection can be more reliable than wireless too. 
  5. Create a space to study. It can be easier to focus on your work if you have somewhere that you only use for your studies, instead of balancing your laptop on your knee on the sofa. Make sure your study area is well lit to avoid straining your eyes. Set up an ergonomic desk, with a chair that offers proper back support. If you need silence, buy comfortable earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones. Study space with a door you can close on the rest of the family can help to eliminate distractions. 
  6. Make a plan. A schedule can help you to keep on target if you’re trying to manage your own work. Plan in blocks of time for studying, essay writing, and seminars. 
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