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Top 4 College Textbook Rental Programs to Cut Your College Budget

Putting yourself through college is already a massive expense. Add to that the cost for commute, food, hostel fees, and additional expenses; the numbers jump off to a ridiculous amount. And, we aren’t even talking about the money you need to spend buying those mandatory textbooks that help you through your syllabus. As per Statista, the average consumer expenditure in the United States for educational books in the year 2020 amounted to a whopping $10.4 Billion surpassing the $10.1 Billion mark in 2019.

However, there are college textbook rental programs in place that help you cut down the extra expenses. But, what exactly are those programs? Here is a complete rundown of the top websites you can try and save some bucks.

1. Chegg

For someone in need of study aids at pocket-friendly prices, Chegg is something you can rely upon without a doubt. It is also an ideal solution for online tutors that don’t want to invest in purchasing study materials. When venturing through this website, you can get eTextbooks and books on rent. In addition, when you place an order for $30 or more, you can avail free shipping.

Physical textbooks rented through Chegg come with a risk-free 21-days return window. Once you are done studying, the book can be returned to any mailbox with Chegg’s shipping label (prepaid).

2. ValoreBooks

ValoreBooks is perfect for students that plan on saving up on return fees. The website’s rental services come with a free shipping policy on all returns. Moreover, if you do find a website with a lower book rental price, you can claim a partial refund within 7 days.

The renting platform allows you to rent your textbooks for as long as a quarter or even a whole semester. But, the platform doesn’t rent out eBooks. When renting with ValoreBooks, you need to pay a standard shipping price of $3.95/book or an expedited shipping price of $6.95/book.

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At ValoreBooks, you can look for your books by title, ISBN, or author name.

3. CampusBookRentals

If we go by numbers, CampusBookRentals sure takes the cake. To date, the platform has helped students save over $116,000,000. To search the book you need, simply enter the ISBN, keyword, or book’s title. The website also has a feature that allows you to look up all the books required in a single go without wasting any time.

Even though CampusBookRentals focuses on renting services, it also allows you to purchase your favorite textbook at a discounted price.

4. Textbook Rentals

The Textbooks Rentals website is a unique platform that compares book rental costs for both online and physical versions from various websites. Renting with Textbook gives you the lowest prices guaranteed for a convenient rental period starting from 60 days to 125 days.

The comparison chart also lists the cheapest price to help you purchase a new or used textbook. You can search the required book by typing in the author name, the title of the book, or its ISBN code.


As college fees continue to rise, students need to get smart about their expenses. A proven way to cut down some extra costs is by opting for book rental services. Although it might not seem a lot at the start, when you take a look at the cumulative savings through years of renting, the numbers sure rack up big. So, pick from these amazing websites and enjoy the ease of textbook renting.

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