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Find Your Inner Picasso: 6 Awesome Careers in the Arts!

What Can You Do With a Performing Arts DegreeIf you love to create and feel that you have that artistic flair about you, then there are plenty of lucrative careers you can pursue that will allow you to live your dream. Whoever said that being an artist won’t pay the bills obviously never got involved in the right career.


Graphic Arts Design


If you learn how to express your art on a computer, then you can get into the high-paying world of graphic arts design. These are the professionals who create logos for companies and design the graphics seen on websites. As the Internet continues to expand, the need for talented graphic artists will increase.




It used to be that pursuing a career in animation was a hard road. But with the explosion of cable television channels that use animation and the amount of animation being done on the Internet, the animator profession is becoming one that is in high demand.


Video Game Design


Video games these days are looking more like live action movies, and that is thanks to the increased use of real artists to create game graphics. If you love video games and you love to create realistic artistic images, then you have a calling in the world of video game design.


Interior Decorator


As an artist, you develop a strong sense of colors that work together and how to manipulate perception. An interior decorator uses his artistic tendencies to create the kinds of interior designs that homeowners and office managers want all over the world. These days, aesthetics is extremely important and being an interior decorator puts you at the forefront of everything that is new. Interior decorating can be taught to anyone with an artistic bent. Register for a class today and learn how to turn your talent into a career.

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When people think of architects, they often do not think of artists. But there is a great deal of artistic skill involved in being able to create a building that no one has ever seen before. If you have a mind that loves practical thinking but you also want to be able to explore your creative side then a career as an architect is for you.


Museum Curators


What better way to satisfy your artistic needs than to be around some of the greatest works ever created? Art galleries and museums are popping up all around the world, and they are all looking for experts to help maintain and display the treasures of the past.


If you have a strong leaning towards art, then you should pursue it and take it as far as you can. You never know what exciting career you will find when you decide to give in to your artistic side.

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