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Five Actions To Take When You Are Injured at Work

Five Actions To Take When You Are Injured at WorkNo matter how careful employers may be, accidents can take place at any time. When these actions are on business property or happen to an employee, it is important for all parties to understand their rights and responsibilities. This includes employees that may be unsure of where to turn in order to get the medical attention and financial assistance that they are legally entitled to. Here is a closer look five steps that all employees should keep in mind in the event of an injury.


1. Report to Superiors Immediately

At no point should any employee let even the smallest injuries go without a report to their superiors. Even heading home for a short amount of time could remove the company’s liability for helping to cover some of the medical costs. This includes requesting, filling out, submitting, and saving a copy of any forms that the company uses for injuries.


2. Keep Logs of All Information

All information that can be collected should be stored safely for future use. In the event of an injury, many employees are unaware that they should save everything from photographs of where their injury took place to medical bills. This also includes storing information on how many days are missed, the exact time of the injury, and even a complete description of the injuries and eyewitness accounts when possible.


3. Seek Out Medical Assistance

While it may seem intuitive to seek out a medical professional after an injury, many employees forgo medical treatment for any number of reasons. Some may feel as if the injury is partly their fault or they cannot afford medical assistance, but this could become a serious mistake and complicate the matter.


4. Speak with an Attorney

Speaking with Charlotte disability lawyers is another step that many employees forgo, but this process can be complicated and convoluted. These lawyers understand the exact process that a client must go through ranging from the filing of legal papers to receiving workers’ compensation.


5. Submit Workers’ Compensation or Disability Paperwork

Once all information has been gathered, it is time to begin taking a look at where an employee can receive financial assistance for lost wages and medical bills. An experienced and local attorney can help their clients fill out this paperwork, submit it in a timely manner, and get on with their life as quickly as possible.



By acting quickly and understanding these steps, all employees can forgo a lengthy legal or financial battle that could wrap up their resources for years on end.

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