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Five Careers That Thrive In Any Economy

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Five Careers That Thrive In Any EconomyThere are winning career fields for people with the right education regardless of what the economy is doing. If you are looking for a job that is as recession-proof as possible, what types of work should you be looking for?


1) Retail Services


Retail gets a bad rap for the poor hours and crummy pay that most workers have to endure. However, those who work hard and have their degree can advance to lucrative management positions. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the retail industry was expected to grow by 17 percent between today and 2020.


2) Auto Repair


In a down economy, people look to repair their cars instead of buying new ones. Those who want to work in the field should consider getting their certification after high school. You can expect to spend as little as six months getting certified. High schools are partnering with the Automotive Youth Educational Services (AYES) to provide basic certification to high school students.


3) Freelance Writing


Those who have a passion for writing can get their degree at any local college or get their degree online. Online degrees information can be obtained from any college or online. It was reported that during 2008, freelancing in general was the fastest growing field in America.


4) Legal Services


During a down economy, there are a large number of people who are filing for bankruptcy. People also tend to file for divorce when money is tight and emotions are frayed. Aspiring lawyers can get their degree through online law programs to help them get their degree as fast as possible. After getting your degree, you can take the bar exam in your state and start practicing.


5) Financial Services


Banks are needed regardless of how the economy is doing. Although interest rates for savings accounts are at historic lows, people still feel safe about putting their money in the bank as opposed to the stock market where it could be lost. The BLS states that you need only a high school diploma to get started.


If you are looking for work in a down economy, there are still careers that offer stability and mobility. Banks, attorneys and freelancers still have the ability to make money regardless of how healthy the overall economy is. The best part about these career fields is that they offer fulfilling work that anyone can feel proud about doing.

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