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Five Great Ways for Getting your Resume’ Noticed

Five Great Ways for Getting your Resume' NoticedReaching out to prospective employers is best accomplished with an effective resume. Likewise, employers can quickly weed out candidates that don’t match their hiring criteria. Because a resume is the best opportunity to document your relevant experience, coursework, special abilities, honors and education, you want to make certain it is written in a manner that gets employers to take notice.


Keep It Simple and Organized


Recruiters and human resource personnel often go through hundreds of resumes a week. It’s important that the content is presented in a way that anyone reading it can easily understand who you’ve worked for and past responsibilities. Prepare it in a format that is viewable on any computer. Many people mistakenly use templates and special effects, excessive boldface, underlining and italics. The best approach is to be consistent with formatting and make certain everything is concise.


Match the Job Description


Whether you are seeking a career in sales or secretarial jobs, tailor your cover letter and resume to the specific position you apply for. It is tempting to prepare a resume with a one size fits all approach. However, keep in mind that employers are scanning your resume to determine whether your experience and ability can add value to their company. Consider every job opportunity individually and personalize each resume to the vacancy.


Carefully Check Spelling and Grammar


No matter how great and impressive your resume may be, if it is loaded with spelling and grammar mistakes this can imply you have a lack of presentation and attention to detail. Never proofread the document yourself. If available, ask a colleague or trusted friend to go over your resume to point out possible errors.


Highlight Relevant Qualifications


Every resume should be tightly focused. For example, when applying for secretarial jobs you have the responsibility of completely understanding the described qualifications. You can then organize the resume to highlight skills you possess that make you a perfect candidate. This can be done by including a section on your resume entitled Relevant Experience. Be certain to list any work history, coursework or other past activities that are directly applicable to the position.


Include Online Profiles


Most companies now have a web presence and are actively involved in social and business networking. Ensure that the information on your resume closely matches any online profiles you have. Many recruiters will take the time to review your online details if they have an interest in hiring you.

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