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Five Jobs that Put You Front and Center with the Customer

Five Jobs that Put You Front and Center with the CustomerWhether your company manufactures goods, sells products, or provides services, its life blood is the customer. It requires workers like the following to provide satisfaction. The Mindshare customer experience management system is an excellent way of improving interactions with customers.

Customer Service Representative

Dealing with customers face-to-face, by phone or by email forms the primary job of customer service reps. They answer questions, resolve complaints and refer complex problems to appropriate technical professionals. They are often empowered to provide refunds or repairs. The position typically mandates at least a high school diploma because most representatives are trained on the job.

Computer Support Specialists

When customers have problems with hardware or software, they contact computer support specialists for assistance. These technology pros often work by the customer’s side to diagnose faulty hardware, install and set up equipment, or provide software training. They may also control systems and give assistance from remote locations. Requirements for the job depend on the complexity of the system, and can consist of post-secondary classes, an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree.

Retail Salespeople

Also known as sales associates or sales clerks, retail salespeople help customers find products in brick-and-mortar stores that sell such products as clothes, hardware and cars. They ask about customer preferences and then recommend useful products. They often take customer purchases, total their prices, package them and accept payment. Salespeople usually need no formal education because they receive training from their employers. A high school education is helpful for selling technical or complex products.


Customers who need their hair cut, colored, or styled rely on hairdressers, who are also called hair stylists. These personal care workers ask about preferences and then shape the hair to enhance the customer’s appearance. They also receive payments and tips from grateful patrons. Hairdressers require licensing from their state, which typically demands graduating from state-accredited hairdressing or cosmetology institutes. Some schools also provide associate degrees for the profession.


Concierges provide personal services that help guests at hotels, occupants of an apartment building, or workers in an office building. They may provide information on local attractions, arrange for transportation, or score tickets for sold-out concerts. They typically need at least a high school diploma as well as training on the job either through formal classes or by informally working with more experienced concierges.

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