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Five Jobs that You Didn’t Know Paid that Well

Despite the grim job market outlook, there are actually many good paying jobs that people can pursue that many do not even know exist. Below are some of the better potential jobs to consider for an alternative path to success.Five Jobs that You Didn't Know Paid that Well

1. Tower technician.

For those who like working outdoors and can deal with heights, there is a demand for this type of work. The traveling keeps the job interesting and starting wages run past $20 an hour. However, wages increase quickly and there is great overtime potential.

2. Environmental management.

These days, everything to do with the environment is a hot topic. There is a lot of governmental interest in economizing and saving the environment. There are many government related opportunities and salaries that easily go up to $100K annually over time.

3. Outdoor repair and services.

The care of the outdoor environment has always been important. However, few people are aware that maintenance services run such a wide range and include everything from street sweeping and roadside mowing to roadway transportation, tree care and construction. Firms such as USA Services of Florida which does street sweeping in Florida, offer many types of good paying jobs related to this far reaching industry.

4. Multimedia artists.

With knowledge of technology and creative design, many people involved in the world of multi and digital media are self-taught. They work on everything from website content to developing video games. Many people believe that the technical arts are filled with people who are struggling to make ends meet. However, the truth is that median pay is around 60K but easily can reach six figures as the artist becomes more known and makes contacts with people in the lucrative motion picture and video industry.

5. Technical writer.

While journalists, magazine and web writer salaries run the gamut from very low to average, few people know that technical writers enjoy their own niche in the industry. Because technical writing requires a special skill, their work is in demand and companies are willing to pay for top quality. What they do is produce key instruction manuals and other documentation that is designed to communicate complex information more easily. They also gather, develop and disseminate this critical information to company personnel, designers, customers and manufacturers. Salaries start at around $64K and can grow into the six figures the more experience the writer acquires.

Of course, paychecks vary based upon factors such as industry, location and industry. Many people still have preconceptions of what workers in certain industries are earning, such as assuming that all professional lawyers and doctors enjoy high incomes. However, keeping abreast of new developments in the job market is advisable for anyone seeking work or a career change, as demands tend to change frequently.

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