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Five of the Most Desirable Careers for 2013

Five of the Most Desirable Careers for 2013The economy and unemployment are hitting everybody hard, so here is the big question: What are the most desirable careers this next year? What career paths are actually hiring? Here are your answers. These are five of the most desirable careers for 2013.


Physician Assistant


With new healthcare practices around the corner this year, this is the market to be in. Initially, there won’t be enough physicians for them to be quite as hands-on, so physician assistants will have more work given to them. Physician assistant training at nursing schools in Georgia is less expensive and takes less time, but the work generally yields a six-figure pay and lets you do most things a doctor can do. You can start looking for nursing programs Georgia to look into this career today.


Software Developer


As technology continues to take over and shape our world, the need for qualified people who can create quality software rises. Many people choosing their own career path are still veering away from software development and other programming-related careers, viewing them as too difficult, too boring, or too frivolous. As a result, the demand for software developers is still great.


Market Research Analyst


With an expected 41% growth in 2013, this career is taking off in a way it hasn’t in recent years. Universities, research forms, and even government agencies are beginning to see market research as a valuable tool. If you have a degree in business or math and some experience in this field, now is the time to get out and job hunt.




As with doctors, the demand for qualified medical experts will increase with the new healthcare plan. Additionally, science is making more and more connections between oral health and overall health. As the public becomes aware of these connections, the emphasis on maintaining proper oral health will grow. As a result, the demand for dentists will boom.


Network and Computer Systems Administrator


As computers become more and more necessary for keeping up with the rest of the world, it has become clear that no major company should start up without a computer system. A systems administrator is responsible for operating and support of that system on a day-to-day basis, including set up of various networks such as LANs, or local area networks.


Every year, the desirable careers change a little bit. This year, this is where they are focused. If you are on one of these career paths, congratulations and good luck job hunting! You may have more than most.

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