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Five Promotional Items For the Savvy Businessman

Five Promotional Items For the Savvy Businessman

Are you marketing to the savvy businessman? If you are trying to get past the gatekeeper, one of the

most effective ways to promote your brand to a business professional is to give them free gifts that they

will put to use. While pens and notepads may be effective when promoting to the average consumer,

a businessman is different type of client. You must be creative and think of products that will be seen,

appreciated, and put to use. Here are 5 branded promotional items your business professional prospects

will appreciate.


#5: Apparel for the Green


If you schedule business meetings on the golf green, you may want to consider giving your prospect a

high-quality promotional polo. Promotional golf products go a long way when you are targeting this

niche. Not only will it be appreciated, it will get worn.


#4: Other Promotional Gifts for the Green


There is a lot of down time on the green. If your savvy business professionals are talking business, it is

a good idea to make sure your company is mentioned. If you give out custom golf towels for the golf

bag or the caddy, you will get the mentions you need to expand your client base.


#3: Cases and Bags


A savvy business professional will not travel anywhere without their laptop or their tablet. Consider

giving out custom laptop sleeves or bags and your brand will get recognized every time the

professional meets with their clients. The more that your brand is recognized, the more you are building

brand awareness which will translate into an improved reputation.


#2: Promotional Products for Business Travel


For the traveling business professional, a personal travel pouch, or a travel organizer may be the perfect

gift. Show your prospects that you know just how difficult travel can be and offer them a promotional

gift that will make their travels just a little bit easier. Choose a promotional product that is not only

useful for travel, but will also be seen by travelers wherever the business professional is visiting.


#1: Technology Accessories


You can customize just about anything. With technology advancing on a regular basis, consider

branding some accessories that can be used with things like laptops and tablets. USB port adapters,

light-up portable mouse accessories, pop-up speakers, and iPad stands are all great choices.


As a business professional, it is easier to market to this demographic. Think about your target niche

and put yourself in the shoes of your prospects so that you can order custom products that you would


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