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Five Skills That Will Keep You Employed

Five Skills that Will Keep You EmployedTroubled economic times carry the worry about job loss and being laid off. Do not leave your future and family finances to chance or the whim of the industry. There are some jobs that are always in demand, and five main skills every adult should have in order to stay employed securely until retirement age.

One: Continue Your Education

Keeping employed is often a matter of having the right education in a field that always needs quality workers. Consider the health care industry and learn about RN to BSN program. If you already work in the nursing field, advancing your knowledge and experience with a college degree will help you find and keep top positions at doctor’s offices and hospitals. Other fields also have room for more learning and higher degrees as well.

Two: Adaptability and Open to Change

The most prominent changes in the workforce these days often deal with technology and computer usage. Keep up to date with how to use programs and be adaptable if required to learn something new. If a company wants to shift your job description or put you in a new department, be able to go with the flow to stay employed.

Three: Professionalism and Marketing

All business interactions should be professional, whether you are a head nurse in a hospital or a widget maker in a shop. Dress properly, always use good manners and learn to market yourself and your abilities to potential and existing employers. To use the nurse example, you can learn about an RN to BSN program and discover more of the business side of nursing. These skills can help secure better positions.

Four: Being Proactive and a Self-Starter

Companies like employees who can identify what needs to be done first, get it done efficiently and then move onto the next task without needing additional instruction. Be proactive in both going after the job you want and while working every day.

Five: Maintain Positive Personal Interactions

Even if your new boss is a jerk and your co-workers grate on your nerves, maintaining a positive and professional attitude when interacting with them will help to keep you employed your whole life through. Not only will it make a current job smoother, but it can help you get positive recommendations when you decide to escape one position for another, better one.

In order to stay employed in times of economic upheaval, it is important to cultivate these five main skills. Make yourself an invaluable asset to any company by improving your education, being adaptable, having a strong work ethic and always putting your best foot forward in all ways.

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