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Five Things You Should Do With Your First Paycheck

When getting that first paycheck, some people rush out and blow their money. While this is fun in the short-term, it is not a wise move. No, one should use their first earnings to do something positive for his or her life. In fact, here are five things a person should do with his or her first paycheck.Five Things You Should Do With Your First Paycheck

Clean up credit score

With a high credit score, a person can borrow money without paying high interest rates. Now, this is easier said than done, and it is often up to a person to fix their score. This is hard to do, and it is easier to hire a professional such as those with as they can help a person fix his or her score quickly. Remember, down the road, it is useful to have a 750 credit score or higher and Lexington Law can help.

Reliable transportation

Now, some may disagree, but it is wise to invest in reliable transportation. This can be something simple like a new bike. Other times, when faced with a long commute, one should buy a car that gets excellent gas mileage. Either way, with reliable transportation, one can get to and from work without worry. Of course, if a person has a car, he or she should open a savings account and put money away for repairs.

Pay off debts

After graduation, a person may have some debts. While it is easy to make the minimum payments, one should opt to pay as much as possible. By paying more than the minimum monthly payments, an individual can pay off his or her debt faster.

Savings account

As mentioned, it is beneficial to open a savings account. With this vehicle, one can put money away and earn some interest. More importantly, a person can prepare for financial problems in the future. Ideally, a person should have 3-6 months in as savings account as this will help him or her avoid a disaster should a money problem arise.

Retirement account

If the company sponsors a 401k, the employee should sign up for one immediately. If this is not the case, one should sign up for, and fund, an IRA or ROTH IRA. Simply put, when starting early, one can amass large a sum later in life.

It is smart to think a little more deeply when getting the first paycheck. Luckily, when approaching the situation with intelligence and care, one can do wonders for his or her future.

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