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Five Tips on How to Start Your Career with a Bang

A small percentage of students will land an entry-level position with extra pay and responsibilities immediately after graduation.  These students found a unique opportunity to develop a highly niche and sought-after skillset during school.  In one sense, they are entry-level employees as they are recent grads.  In another sense, they are mid-level employees as they have higher pay and more advanced responsibilities than most students that are hired after graduation.  This is a great predicament to be in as it offers more opportunities to develop career paths and more time to do so.  It is important to do everything you can to accelerate your career by developing a niche skillset by interning at the right company in an international city like New York City. Internship programs like Endeavorup help match students with the best innovative and diverse companies around the world.

Below is a list of five tips to help you start your career with a bang.  Skip straight to the entry/mid-level twilight zone immediately after graduation after finding the right internship.

Tip #1: Pursue What You Love

New York City has almost limitless option for interns.  Instead of doing something that you think will look better on your resume, pursue an internship with a company that you want to work for.  Be passionate and be highly engaged.

Tip #2: Get to Know Your Boss and Coworkers

Many students find that internships can be intimidating. It is important to make a lasting impression during a relatively short internship.  Demonstrate your competencies and your willingness to work hard.  Also, get to know others on a more personal level.  Put yourself out there, and make the right impression.  Get the right future references or even an invitation to come back as an employee.

Tip #3: Learn Everything You Can

Ask if you can spend a few hours learning something new, or volunteer to complete administrative work for a different branch of the company.  Make the most out of your internship by showing genuine interest in the field and the company. Get coffee.  Help with filing.  And, volunteer to go above and beyond routine intern duties after the coffee and filing are taken care of.

Tip #4: Talk to Others in the Industry

You can learn a lot simply by talking to your coworkers, your boss, and other interns.  Ask them what their opinions are, or ask them for career advice.  Learn about what other people have to say about their jobs and other influential industry members.  Get a better idea about where to start, how to get necessary licensure, etc. for the career you want.

Tip #5: Explore Other Opportunities for Professional Development after NYC

See what else you can do before you graduate.  Interning in NYC can teach you more about the industry and teach you marketable skillsets.  Run with them while you are still in school.  Being a student should involve more than passing tests and reading books. Use your flexible schedule to learn outside of the classroom.

It often takes some time to develop the in-demand skillset you need to jumpstart a career that you will love.  You have to start somewhere.

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