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Five Ways a Criminal Record Can Impact Your Job Search

Five Ways a Criminal Record Can Impact Your Job SearchNearly every employer will asks job applicants to about a criminal record. A criminal record is not always a disqualifying factor when looking for employment. It can make things more complex. A criminal record will impact a job search in a number of ways.


5. Fewer Career Options

A criminal record will affect a job search because there are fewer career options available. A number of career fields have strict regulations or requirements that make it impossible for a person with a criminal record to get a job. This includes some jobs that involve children and certain government jobs. It can even be difficult to get a job handling cash or working around credit card numbers because of industry regulations.


4. Trust and Safety

Some employers will not hire a person who has a criminal record because of issues related to trust and the safety of the other employees. Employers with trust issues will feel that the applicant cannot be trusted and might steal from the job or leave the workplace without notice. A person with a violent criminal history could present a liability problem for the employer if a confrontation results in the injury of another worker.


3. Limited Advancement

A person with a criminal record will often find that the only jobs available are low-level positions. This is because some employers will not promote or hire individuals into upper-level positions if a criminal record exists. This partly has to do with trust since managers and leaders usually have access to sensitive business information and resources.


2. Instant Disqualification

Large private companies and even some smaller family businesses have strict policies that state no person with a criminal record will be hired under any circumstances. This means an application could be instantly disqualified from consideration. There is no real way to fight this. The best course of action is to hire a criminal attorney in Fort Worth who will fight the criminal charges and potentially clear the record of any wrongdoing.

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1. Over-Critical Assessments

A problem that can occur during an interview or job search is an over-critical assessment of a person because of the criminal record. This means personal qualifications will be held to a different standard. This can result in missed job opportunities because employers decide to do with other applicants who are not assessed as critically.


It is important to remain positive and confident when searching for a job with a criminal record. It is also important to take some risks by applying for positions that might seem like a waste of time. Not all employers will immediately reject an application just because of a criminal history.

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