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Five Ways to Make Money While on a Job Search

In this tough economy we’re living in, sometimes our job searches can be a little lengthier than we would like. But don’t worry! There are always things you can do to make a little money before you find something permanent. Here are five techniques for making some cash while job hunting.Five Ways to Make Money While on The Job Search

1. Become the Neighborhood Handyperson

Just like back in high school, you can offer to do any odd jobs. Help someone pack up their house when they move, make deliveries, do grocery shopping, offer to carpool, etc. Places like Craigslist are good businesses that could help get you various odd jobs in the area.

2. Look on the Internet

Try out ideas such as blogging, where you can get sponsored by putting advertisements on your blog, or eBay, where you can make a living off of buying items cheap at a garage sale and then selling them for more online. Try some freelance writing with companies or an online newspaper. You can even sign up as a customer service worker from your home!

3. Sell Items at a Pawn Shop

A pawn shop is a quick way to make a little bit of extra cash, especially if you have some jewelry or other items that you no longer use and would be fine exchanging for some money. For example, you can sell your fine diamonds at EZ Cash Columbus. You can pawn, sell or loan your items, depending on if you are interested in buying them back later on or would rather just be rid of them.

4. Harness Your Talents

If you have a knack for singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, why not use that? Set up at a well-populated but not-too-loud place in the city, and jam out with your best performances. How about hiring yourself out as a tutor for your favorite school subject? Or if you’re good at arts and crafts, whether it be crocheting scarves, molding candles or baking cookies, sell them at a flea market, online or around the neighborhood.

5. Be a Survey/Test Taker

There are some places that will pay you for your feedback. Whether you have the guts to attempt jobs such as taking part in a medical test, or would prefer to find a company that pays you for taking surveys about their products, this is a simple way to make a little bit of extra cash.

So however you decide to harness your talent and determination, there are always ways you can find of supporting yourself until you find the job of your dreams. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even find one of your new favorite hobbies. Just get out there and give it a go!

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