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For the Stressed Student: Five Medical Jobs to Check Out after Graduation

The medical profession is one of the most rewarding of all career paths. Medical workers get the satisfaction of helping people and improving their lives. They also get the monetary satisfaction of working in one of the most in-demand career fields. For people who are currently studying in the medical field, here are five jobs to consider after graduation.

For the Stressed Student Five Medical Jobs to Check Out after Graduation


There is no job more satisfying in the healthcare world than being a nurse. Nurses get to interact with patients more than any other healthcare workers. Often they become very intimate and attached to their patients, and nurses get to form strong bonds while they are with them. It’s a privileged job and one for those who genuinely care about getting to know others.




Of course, many people want to climb to the top of the healthcare ladder, and that final rung is becoming a physician. Doctors get to make life-saving decisions on a regular basis, and it is nearly impossible to duplicate that feeling with any other job. It does take a lot of schooling and hard work to make it as a physician, but the emotional and financial rewards are worth the effort.


Nurse Manager

Oftentimes nurses want to climb the career ladder as well. If you enjoy being a nurse, but also want more responsibility in your job, a nurse manager or healthcare administrator may be something to look into. These professionals get to continue practicing nursing, but also get to enjoy the responsibility of managing other workers. A position like this usually requires an advanced degree. Nurses who want to become managers can enter a doctor of nursing practice program like the ones found at

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Physical Therapist

This is a very rewarding medical position, as physical therapists help their patients learn to reuse their bodies after they have been injured. It is a job that makes people who do it, feel very good about themselves, but it can be difficult and hard work as well. The joy of seeing their patients recover and grow stronger each day is very enriching.


Radiation Therapist

A radiation therapist operates incredibly sophisticated radiation devices called medical linear accelerators. They have to have a full understanding of these complex devices and be trained in the proper protocol to follow. Radiation therapists use the medical linear accelerators to shoot radiation at patients’ tumors in an effort to shrink or eliminate them. It is a very important part of the cancer treatment regimen, and people who do this job can feel good that they are doing their part in the fight against cancer.


For a college student struggling to find out a career path to take in the medical field, any of these options might be something to think about. Take time to consider what pushes you to work hard and what kind of flexibility you might need in you job.

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