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Four Questions to Ask a Resume Writer

Writing a resume is of utmost importance if you wish to secure interviews and eventually land a great paying job. Many times when an individual doesn’t feel comfortable writing his or her own resume they hire a resume writer. A resume writer is someone who should know how to layout your specific resume and present it in the way that employers want to see it.

There are many resume writing services available to choose from and whichever companies you are considering, there are four questions you should ask each one of them. These questions are:

1.    What is the cost? A good resume writing service is one that not only takes the information you provide them, but also does much of its own research as well. Because the process is by no means easy, many resume services typically charge between $200 and $500 which will depend on your career level and other factors. If you find a resume service that is significantly below this then a red flag should start waving in your mind. Sure it is great to save a buck to two, but when it comes to your resume that savings could cost you a job.

2.    Are they certified? There are several different types of certified resume writers. To be certified an individual must pass an examination and submit samples of work that are scrutinized by a good number of people. If a company you are considering is claiming to be certified and you are not sure, then you can check one of the following company’s website for confirmation:

•    Career Maters Institute or CMI
•    Career Directors International or CDI
•    National Resume Writers Association or NRWA
•    Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches or PARW/CC

3.    How many years experience do they have? If the resume writer you are considering does not have at least two years experience writing resumes, then you should find one that does, there are plenty out there.

4.    Are they experienced in writing resumes for your field?
This question is probably the most overlooked. Even if a resume writer has ten years experience in writing resumes, if they never wrote a resume that pertained to your field of work, then you are barking up the wrong tree. Make sure your resume writer not only has experience, but experience in your field as well.

It is also a good idea to speak with a few different writers before you make your decision. This will allow you to do some price comparison and you can also gauge your level of comfort, which is of utmost importance.

Remember, a resume is what a potential employer will see first. If the resume is not of good quality and does not stand out from the rest, then chances are it will end up in the trash and you will not get a call for an interview. Finding the right resume writer for you is not as hard as you think, you just need to make sure you ask them all the right questions.

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