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Four Ways a DUI Can Ruin Your Career

Four Ways a DUI Can Ruin Your CareerFor those people faced with having a DUI on record, the consequences can be devastating. If there were no injuries or fatalities involved, that is generally the only positive point that can be taken away from the experience. Aside from the obvious effects that a conviction can have on a family, a DUI can be devastating to any career. Your Vista DUI lawyer will present the best case in order to avoid a conviction that could put you in professional limbo for years.


Social Stigma


Although it’s often hard to quantify, the social stigma that goes along with a DUI is simply unavoidable. As a matter of public record, your conviction will follow you and will be a topic of conversation among your peers. Regardless of any arguments against discrimination, it is a simple fact of life.


Time Lost


Depending on your location, many states will require mandatory counseling, jail time, or a combination of the 2 once a conviction is handed down. This is generally not a negotiable part of the punishment. If your career is fast paced, and there is competition waiting for you to falter, this will effect your future.

Your Bradley Corbett DUI lawyer will do their best to reduce jail time, or time spent in multiple offender programs.


Loss Of Drivers License


The loss of a drivers license can stop a job or career dead in its tracks. This is especially true for those individuals faced with a long daily commute, and nobody to act as their taxi driver for the duration of a license suspension. Depending on the situation, some drivers could face years before they are eligible to get behind the wheel again. For those lucky individuals, living in a city can help to ease the burden. Generally speaking however, once a person gets to this point their luck has already run out.


Self Esteem & Psychological Effects


Some may argue with this point, but they are typically the people that have not had the experience. Loss of license, jail time, family issues, and financial problems can take a toll on the strongest of people. Not only has part of your life been systematically dismantled, but you might be facing personal issues regarding alcohol use. Maintaining a career is difficult as it is, doing so with such a burden looming over your head can be nearly impossible.


Your Vista DUI lawyer is your best friend. Don’t risk losing your career. Trust your DUI lawyer.

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