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Get Your Next Gig: The Top 5 Job Search Websites

BusinessmanWith unemployment rates still high in most of the U.S., finding a job and keeping it can be a big challenge. Long gone are the days of physical job postings where companies would announce when they were hiring and the skills they sought. These days an online presence is essential to finding the right job. Many employers have switched over to virtual listings on their internal websites, but most still use external host sites to drive future employees to their business. These five top job search websites will help employees find a job they love.


One of the original job boards, Monster still remains among the top in job search websites. Most people with internet plans know Monster because its clear and simple layout allows users to find the information they need quickly. Job seekers should register for a free account to take advantage of all of the site’s features, like applying directly to postings, uploading resumes and more.


This job posting website offers a more localized approach to job hunting. Much like Craigslist and other city-based websites, CareerLink has specific addresses for specific cities, like Chattanooga, TN. The benefit to this tailored approach is that job seekers don’t have to sift through national postings and recruitment banner ads. They can type in their city and see real postings from real, local companies.


In terms of features and services, Indeed provides an impressive range of both. In addition to being able to search for postings, would-be employees can also upload resumes, post questions in forums and create an online profile. They also tend to larger range of available job postings, which are updated on a daily basis.


Despite its status as a social media service, LinkedIn actually has the benefit of offering professional connections with potential employers. Gone are the days of cold calls, long distance calling and heavy footwork to get resumes into the right hands. With LinkedIn, users can create profiles and connect with other professionals. LinkedIn also has a job search feature tailored to the skills and previous job listed on a user’s profile.


The unique thing about GlassDoor is that in addition to being a great resource on finding jobs, it allows job seekers to compare notes on potential employers. For instance, users can look up the average salary for their desired position, among other details. Another neat feature is the ability to ask company-specific questions, like interview information and what past employees think of the business.

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