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Get Your Resume Noticed: 5 Skills Every Marketing Guru Needs

ResumeCompetition is fierce for marketing jobs. If you want to work for an ad agency in Utah, you have to set yourself apart from the competition. Here are five of the top skills ad agencies are looking for today.

1. Creativity

Marketing team members need to be able to look at a product from an angle that has never been seen before and emphasize that new angle in marketing campaigns. If you put creativity on your resume, be prepared to demonstrate that skill during the interview.

2. Team Player

If you are part of a marketing team, you need to listen as much as you speak. Marketing gurus must accept criticism from team members. Team players must know when to make compromises and when to stand their ground. If you put team player on your resume, be sure to prepare an example that proves your claim.

3. Sales Skills

Perhaps you worked in a typical sales job and had a high conversion rate per number of contacts. Share statistics to back up your claim of good sales skills. It is to your advantage to place on your resume an example of your conversion rate or by how much you increased sales of a particular product.

Part of sales is the ability to make it appear that only your product can meet your client’s needs. If you make it to the interview process, share how you have accomplished this in the past.

4. Social Media Skills

It is a given that social media plays a huge role in brand recognition and marketing these days. It would be to your advantage to be able to place social media skills on your resume. Part of social media skills involve knowing how to make your product or service sound appealing on social media platforms. You have to know how to speak the language of your intended audience. Understand how your target audience responds to social media advertising.

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5. Analytical Data Skills

Successful marketing gurus need to be able to look at data about seller and buyer behavior and understand how this information affects the marketing of their product. If you have experience in analytical data, make sure you mention it on your resume and be prepared to share examples of when you had to interpret data as part of your marketing career.

If you feel that you could use more experience in any of these areas, consider a marketing internship or shadowing an expert.

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