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Good Boss? 5 Ways To Make Life More Comfortable For Your Employees

Good bosses aren’t born; they’re made that way. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of providing small but effective perquisites that make the work environment more enjoyable or comfortable for all. Subtleties like room color, organization and attention to other details can make a huge difference in the ambiance, the attitude and production. The Chinese wrap all that up with a collective title of Feng Shui. A well-organized environment lacking mental or physical distractions makes for a more pleasant, efficient work space.

With that in mind, here are five ways to make your employees more comfy:

Plant Some Life Into the Room

Plants add a significant degree of life to any room. That is aside from their life-giving oxygen, which helps keep minds clear and alert. Their mere presence adds much more. People feel a connection to each other through and with the plants. You’ll soon notice employees taking it on their own to care for them.

Colors Can Complement and Enhance a Creative Environment

The color of the walls and decor can often reinforce productivity. The right colors subtly calm the mind and energize creativity. According to Feng Shui experts, the color yellow does exactly that. For creativity that requires deep thinking, purples and deep blue hues inspire best.

Minimize Noise Pollution

Intrusive, sharp, loud noises can be very disruptive to the creative process. Sound-absorbing carpeting and other acoustically efficient materials go a long way towards higher productivity. If outside noises are unavoidable, small white-noise machines strategically placed near windows or doors can help.

Keep the Atmosphere Employee-Friendly

Proper heating, air conditioning and ventilation can never be underestimated for their production value. Minds tend to veer off the track when the work area is physically uncomfortable. It’s impossible to avoid. Keep your HVAC equipment up to snuff and workers will be less inclined to think and complain about the room’s comfort level.

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A Great Comfy Seat Cannot Be Beat

For employees and executives in a particularly sensitive position with respect to the company’s bottom line, a relaxing, soft, executive style chair is crucial. A chair can really make or break an employee’s efficiency in the office. A superb selection of office chairs can be found at Sit4Life. For eight hours or more each day, key employees deserve a comfy seat.

Often, it’s the minutest or least obvious details that mean the difference between highly productive and so-so productive. It is the astute boss who pays attention to the finer details of their employees’ work environment.

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