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Hiring an Executive Resume Service

When hiring an executive resume service it is important that you use a different set of criteria than you would with a regular resume writing service.  This is because an executive resume needs to market your skills differently.  Some of these services are extremely valuable and can craft a very compelling executive resume that is very effective.  On the other hand, there are also executive resume services that don’t really understand the difference in purpose or design.

Why Hire an Executive Resume Service?

There are two types of people that normally wonder why an executive resume writing service is necessary  They are people who are applying for executive positions for the first time and those who have been an executive for a long time with a single company.  The biggest reason that you need to use this type of service is because a cookie-cutter resume simply won’t cut it.  If you want to be hired to an executive position then you need to act like you deserve to be there.

You can leverage the specialization of an executive resume writing service to ensure that your resume is on par of current trends.  This immediately shows your potential employer that you have a current knowledge of the industry.  It also ensures that nothing is overlooked.  These services know what needs to be included, even if you don’t.

What To Look For In an Executive Resume Service

There are several things that you should keep you eye out for when looking at these services.  The most important thing to focus on is whether or not you can talk to them.  The best services will set up at least one meeting, normally via Skype or over the phone, where the person writing your resume will ask for any information that they need.  This will ensure that they highlight all of your strengths.  Plus, it helps them get a better idea about who you are.

Another key feature to look for is the ability to get alterations and rewrites.  The best services will allow for multiple rewrites, in some cases infinite rewrites, to ensure that your executive resume includes everything that you want in it.  If they refuse to do rewrites, then that could mean that they don’t really stand behind the quality of their writing.

Finally, you need to really look at their example resume.  As an example, it likely won’t truly reflect the end result because each resume should be tailored to each person, however there is one thing to take a close look at.  You need to make sure that their writing style is focused on promoting your previous results rather than just listing skills and experience.  As an executive, businesses want to know what you offer, namely previous results and what your vision is – not where you worked.  Make sure that the example resume is more of a results-oriented marketing brochure rather than a standard list of previous employment.

Hiring an executive resume service is a very valuable investment that can quickly yield results.  The key is knowing what to look for when deciding which one is right for you.

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