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How to Become a Fertility Specialist


HealthcareA fertility specialist can typically make up to $90 to $100 thousand dollars a year. In addition, the fertile future of many patients is in their hands. It can be exciting to offer your expertise to provide treatments to help women live their life long dream of getting pregnant and having a child. In many cases, a fertility specialist will help diagnose the problems that are causing the infertility to see if there are any underlying genetic disorders or perhaps a rare disease that must be cured. Depending on the results, you might provide in vitro fertilization, medication, treatments, and perhaps even surgery to help someone conceive. Yet, becoming a fertility specialist takes the same amount of years of schooling to become a regular doctor, so you might have many sleepless nights ahead of you. Here are some ways you can become a fertility specialist.

Your first step is to go to an accredited four-year college and graduate with a major degree in chemistry, one of the sciences or biology. If you are interested in these subjects than it should be engaging enough to be a breeze and motivating enough to graduate with honors. To move on to most graduate programs, you need to have at least some sort of degree that proves you have an advanced knowledge of the human body. Also, medical school is very hard to get into, so you want to have very high grades and recommendations from professors.

Next, you will take a series of tests, like the MCAT to see if you can place yourself in a graduate program. This test will run the gamut to make sure you have advanced knowledge in the sciences, biology, math, and even writing. Your score will mean difference as to whether you get accepted to a good medical school or a great one. If you do not do well on your first MCAT, you must wait an entire year to retake it.

After you have graduated with high marks from a four-year college with a special degree in biology and science, it is time to enroll in medical school. Here you will learn all the basics of human biology and, more importantly, the reproductive system. You will also learn a whole host of other medical prerequisites, like cardiology, surgery, psychology and neurology. While most doctors are specialized in one field, they have a basic working knowledge of the rest of the body too.

Lastly, after a few years in medical school it will be time to move on to a residency program to get real world experience. After a residency program, where you will be working with real patients and diagnosing real problems, your next step will be to obtain a fellowship at a hospital with a specialization in fertility. You will learn every thing you need to know about in vitro fertilization, ovulation induction, hysteroscopy surgery, urology, gynecology, and even microsurgery. This fellowship in reproductive endocrinology will prepare you to receive your certification from your state’s medical board so that you can start practicing. After you have receive your certificate you can start making people’s dreams come true and your own.

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