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How to Create a Video Resume

Video resumes are here to stay! Changing times, better technology and widespread internet access have changed recruiting practices. Paper resumes are passé and video resumes are the next generation of making employee selections by providing better understanding of the prospective candidate before a face to face interview. Video resumes are a great option for candidates to showcase their skills rather rely on their impersonal paper-based versions.

Do you want to create a better impression on a potential boss or recruiter or stand out from the crowd when applying for a job?

Make a video resume which is effective, entertaining and provides a medium for you to show all that you have in you for that particular position. However a video resume will not get you your dream job instantly, but is a medium that can provide you a chance to impress a recruiter. This is a great tool if you are able to market yourself well, otherwise the video resume can also backfire.

But how do you create a successful video resume? Creating an impressive video resume is not as difficult as you may think.

How to Create a Video Resume

There are digital graphics designers who do good video work in preparing your video resume for you, but for a fee. Video resumes can also be done for free, by doing it yourself.

The video resume can be easily created through short video bites interspersed with stills. This is the video resume format chosen most often, because of the allowance for the required information of the paper resume to go further. This is a method that is able to be seen and heard with the personalized characteristics that you want to portray.

Smart tips on creating a video resume:

  1. Keep it short. Stick to a 1-5 minute video by putting in your video testimonials of past employers, promoting your special skills like conducting a seminar/conference or anything that showcases your achievements.
  2. Look directly in the camera for that eye to eye contact not look below or sideways.
  3. Speak at a normal pace and keep your speech clear and easy to understand.
  4. Stick to the basic rules of keeping to the point so enumerate your educational qualifications, past job experience and any special skills.

In a video resume, the receiver will be able to see you so look your best. Dress up for a real interview and shoot the video against a neutral color so that the potential employer can concentrate on you and not the background.

The main advantage of a video resume is that you can showcase your personality but don’t overdo it. Just be genuine and act like yourself. The use of appropriate humor will usually catch attentive listening by the hiring personnel. Discuss why you should be considered for the post or why you would be the right candidate and what you can contribute to the company.

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Now how will you show the recruiters your video resume?

There are many job sites where they allow you to upload a video resume or you can even upload it on your own website and provide links when applying for jobs. But keep in mind the pitfalls of a video resume and many recruiters advice on sending a paper resume along with a video resume for better chances at the job market.

Before sending out a video resume check out the pitfalls to ensure yours works for you and not against you.

Pitfalls of video resumes:

While paper resumes can be transported and read over in a train or while commuting, video resumes require specific mediums and time allowances as they can be from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. A 4 page paper resume contains a lot of information while putting the same amount of information might require a lengthy video, which the recruiter may not have the time to see. You need to pick and choose carefully what you want to really highlight in a video resume supported by your paper-based version.

Sometimes, video resumes contain too much irrelevant information which the recruiter may not be interested in but cannot usually skip either. Keep it simple and get friends and acquaintances to view and review it for you.

Recruiters may not always be tech savvy and may not be able to load media players that support the videos. So, it’s best to send in a paper resume with a video resume.

Sometimes the rehearsed video resume may make you look more professional and poised than you actually are and that can be a setback in the real time interview. Ensure you portray yourself in a genuine manner or at least one that you can sustain in an interview where you are answering questions on the spot.

Video resumes may help in playing on the bias factor depending upon the recruiter’s personal beliefs and choices- age, race, gender, looks etc.

Advantages of Video Resumes

The video resume has flare and really can give a well rounded glimpse of the potential employee’s work history, achievements, and personalized characteristics.

Three dimensional reviews instead of the cut and dry two dimensional paper reviews will tell so much more.

Create an impressive video resume and increase your chance of getting that dream job by impressing the recruiter or employer with your special skills.

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