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How to Find Work in the Music Industry

moving to a city

moving to a cityWorking in the music business has been a dream for folks young and old for years. Not everyone can agree on musical tastes, favorite artists, or even preferred genres, but almost everyone enjoys some kind of music. You may not find music lovers everywhere, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a music hater. If this is one of your passions then you might be well suited for a job in the music industry, but where should you start? The industry has so many possibilities that you may not even be sure where to begin.

To start, evaluate your strengths and skills. Things that you’ve learned in previous jobs, or in your schooling years, can almost always be applied to other potential lines of work. If you’ve been in customer service positions like many young people have, you might be suited for public relations or promotional work in the music industry. Those who are more mechanically inclined could broaden their horizons to work in sound engineering or any related field. If you’ve always been a strong writer, perhaps you’d like to consider some kind of music journalism. Who knows–you could end up being the next great reporter for Rolling Stone.

As with any industry, finding work in the music business is going to require networking. Never underestimate the significance of knowing the right people. Being in the right place at the right time with the right crowd could lead to the job of your dreams. Get to know people in your local music scene. Go to shows, talk to promoters, meet musicians and event organizers, whatever strikes your fancy. Social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great ways to stay in touch with your new contacts. Becoming part of the scene is a great way to make yourself privy to any rising opportunities.

Consider doing some volunteer work–not only will you learn some valuable skills and information, but you’re sure to make lots of friends at the same time. Getting into the music industry often starts locally, and local operations are usually run with little outside funding. Get involved in projects, shows, and publications. Anywhere you can lend a hand, your help will surely be appreciated. If you’ve never operated a mixing board before, helping out a sound engineer can help you get acquainted with both the machinery and the procedures involved. If you dream of being a music news journalist, writing some articles for publication and connections may just be your way to get a foot in the door.

The music industry is vast and filled with opportunities available to those who search for them. Just like any job market right now, it might be tough to find a good job from the start, but persistence and creative thinking will always pay off. Start getting your feet wet any way you can. The experience alone will be worth it even if your job search doesn’t bear fruit right away. Use your skills and your head to get where you want to be. Choose your own path.

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