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How to Keep a Job for a Decade or More

Many companies that have been in business for years and years have at least one person who has been employed there much longer than everyone else.

To some, the thought of staying at the same job for many years seems boring. But a person who has been at the same job for decades usually has a rationale for wanting to stay for so long.  Remaining at the same job year after year does in fact have many benefits, and these are the reasons that some people choose to stay in a secure position for the duration of their careers.

Why Do Employees Stay Long-Term?
Even people who openly admit that they are not in love with their jobs stay stick with them for a number of reasons, including the following:

The Job is Conveniently Located: Especially for people who live in cities with incredibly hectic rush hour traffic, a conveniently located job is a huge asset. Knowing that the drive time for a job is only a few minutes as opposed to a few hours is a huge benefit.

The Job is Comfortable: When people are comfortable in their role at a place of employment, they do not have the same level of stress that a new employee might have. After many years at the same job, the job responsibilities can start to feel routine. While some might find a “routine” job to be dull, others find it comfortable.

The Job has a Great Pension or Retirement Plan: Some people who have been with the same company for many years will have access to great pension and/or retirement plans when they retire.

The Job has Excellent Health Benefits: Dealing with the issue of healthcare in today’s world can be stressful and cumbersome. For individuals who either have personal health issues or whose children and/or spouse have health troubles, staying at a job for many years might be a necessity if the employer provides excellent health benefits.

The Job Offers a Lot of Vacation Time: For employees who have been at the same job for many decades, taking vacation time is usually not a concern, especially when their vacation hours have accrued significantly over the years.

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The Job Has Tenure: Individuals who have “tenure” do not lose their jobs easily.  In other words, their jobs are permanent unless they choose to leave on their own free will. Tenured jobs are most common in education-related institutions. Employees who have tenure usually stay at their place of employment for the duration of their career because they have the ultimate type of job security.

The Job is Interesting. It is easy to get bored or disillusioned with a job that is monotonous or provides little chance to advance professional skills. However, those who are in jobs that they find interesting and fulfilling are more likely to stay with an employer for a long period of time. Having a successful career and being able to transition into higher-level positions at the same company over time is another reason that many people choose to stay put.

The Job Pays Well. Even if a job does not encompass everything that people want to achieve professionally, many choose to stay in jobs that pay well.

The Job Provides Good Working Conditions: If an employee has been with a company for many years, chances are that the employee has a nice office, a nice desk, and a nice chair. After gaining respect and rapport over the years, long-term employees are often given the top choices for furniture and office accessories.

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