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How to Make Your Office More Secure

By: Maurine Anderson


Do you own an company or small business that operates out of a commercial office? Since you can’t be present at your office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it’s highly important to do what you can to keep your company space secure while you are away from it. Otherwise, your company office will be more vulnerable to criminal activity such as break-ins and vandalism. Moreover, you want to ensure that your office is a space where employees can feel safe. Here is a look at how you can make your business’s office more secure—so that you can better protect both your employees and your office’s assets.


Update your locks.

Securing Computer with lock

Your office’s first line of defense against break-ins will, of course, be the locks that are installed at all entrances. Be sure that all of your locks work effectively and are grade 1 (meaning they meet the highest commercial standards). Locks have come a long way technologically; you might consider keyless locks, locks with an automatic locking feature, deadbolts with a fingerprint feature, or locks that can be controlled remotely using a mobile device.


Install a monitored alarm system.


A monitored alarm system will be central to protecting your office from burglaries, break-ins, and vandalism. Be sure that your office is equipped with an alarm system that you can monitor remotely and that can transmit emergency signals when criminal activity is detected. It’s also a good idea to display a sign that signifies that your office is equipped with such an alarm system, as this will work to deter criminals.


Install vandalproof cameras.

surveillance camera

Visible outdoor security cameras—and security cameras inside your office—can go a long way in securing your office space. Thieves who are looking to steal expensive equipment and criminals who might be looking to harm employees will be deterred when they see them. . Moreover, these cameras will allow you to monitor your office space remotely, and you can use captured footage to investigate any suspicious activity you think might be going on off-hours. When choosing the right security cameras for your space, it’s a good idea to consider vandalproof cameras, which cannot be damaged or removed once installed. This article has more information on how vandalproof cameras work and how they can contribute to a more secure office.


Keep it well lit.


Chances are you turn off the lights in your office to save on energy costs, but this doesn’t mean that you should shut down the lights completely when quitting time rolls around. Consider having bright lighting installed around the entrances and in the parking lot where employees have to walk to their cars. Keeping things well lit deters criminals and helps employees feel safe as they come and go during darker hours.

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Get tinted windows.


This is not always a possibility if you are renting a commercial office space, but if you can, consider having your office’s windows tinted. This will help keep valuable objects out of sight so that passers-by won’t be tempted to break in.


Keep important documents in locked cabinets.

Documents Concept with Word on Folder.

Locked cabinets are essential for protecting classified documents in any business environment, and in some cases the law requires them. Keep any sensitive information in locked drawers or cabinets, and limit access to only those who truly need to access the information.


Use laptop locks.


Laptop locks are a highly underused security option, but if your company uses laptops, you should definitely consider them. Laptops are commonly targeted during burglaries because they are expensive yet portable, and a laptop lock will work much like a bike lock to keep a thief from leaving your office with one.


Keep track of visitors.


Thieves frequently enter offices posing as sales reps and other professionals. A thief might engage you in conversation while taking a mental note of where valuables are; distract you while an accomplice steals something from the office; or call you and fabricate a reason for you to leave the office. Maintain a system for keeping track of who comes into and leaves your office, and only give time to individuals you know and trust.


Cultivate trust among your employees.
Finally, it’s also important to establish a strong sense of trust among the employees working at your office. It isn’t unheard of, after all, for an office employee to be the culprit behind stolen electronics, missing supplies, or leaked information. Establish a system of trust among employees by practicing open communication at meetings, hosting company building activities, and maintaining a positive atmosphere. Company parties like these can also go a long way in boosting company morale and establishing trust with your employees.

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