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Hurt on the Clock: What To Do If You’re Injured at Work

​Every worker tries to avoid getting injured on the job. However, if in spite of your best efforts you do find yourself injured at work, then there are certain things you should be aware of. Precisely what you will need to do if you’re hurt at work will vary based on what state you live you in, as workman’s compensation laws are slightly different from one state to another. Yet, there are a number of very basic things that apply in every state and which you should never fail to do.

Report It

Always report an injury on the job as soon as possible after it occurs. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many workers fail to report an injury until well afterwards. Perhaps they think that the symptoms will simply go away, but this is a dangerous assumption. The longer after it occurs that you report an injury, the less detailed your memory will be and the less evidence will be available to support your claim for compensation. In fact, many states have a deadline within which you must report an injury in order to be compensated.

Write It Down

When you report an injury, your supervisor will prepare an accident report in accordance with your company’s standard procedures and state law. But that is not enough. You should write your own version of what happened and also present that to your supervisor. That way, any discrepancies between what you say happened and what your supervisor says in his report will be in the official record from the outset.

Get Copies

Always get copies of any paperwork prepared by the company regarding your injury. You should also make copies of anything you submit to the company. Never rely on your employer to keep track of important documents for you. Should at any time your employer claim to have lost or never received documentation from you, it is essential that you be able to step forward with your own copies. If possible, always get a receipt for any documents you submit, one that includes the date and time of submission.

Tell the Doctor

While you are seeking medical care, be sure that the doctor you are seeing is fully aware that you were injured while at work. In possible, don’t go to see your personal physician if a visit to the company’s doctor is suggested. Any hesitancy on your part to see the company doctor may later be interpreted as evidence that you didn’t really get injured at work. Seeing the company doctor can also save you money, since some companies will refuse to pay for a doctor’s visit if it is not to one of their own. Always follow the medical instructions given to you by the doctor. Any failure to do so can later be used against you as evidence that your injury was actually caused by negligence on your part by not following proper treatment procedures. If after following these suggestions you still feel uneasy about how your injury report is being handled, never hesitate to seek legal counsel. A lawyer, such as personal injury attorney Kelvin Adams, will know the labor laws of your state and will help to ensure that you receive all the compensation that you deserve.

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