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Hurt on the Job? Be Careful What You Sign

Hurt on the Job Be Careful What You SignIn the aftermath of a devastating workplace accident, many employees are unsure of the steps they are supposed to take, and this can lead to serious medical and legal mistakes. While staff members should be concentrating on allowing their body to heal or seek out medical treatments, one’s company could quickly move in with lawyers, documents to sign, or even an out-of-court mediation. This is why all employees that have recently been injured should understand exactly what they must do to protect their health and their finances, beginning with seeking out medical assistance.

The first step in this process is to always seek out medical assistance, even if the company refuses to offer coverage. Those that fail to receive important medical treatments, surgery, or medication could result in permanent or even life-threatening damage to their body. While most doctors are exceptionally good at record keeping, patients should also note any procedures they undergo or medication that they receive throughout this process.

If one’s company attempts to immediately have the employees sign any documents, it is generally best to seek out the services of a local personal injury lawyer. It may be unfortunate, but even a straightforward case can turn into a serious legal battle into today’s litigious society. The one exception to this rule is reporting the injury or accident on the day that it occurred. Employees should write a short document with the date of their accident, the location, and precisely what happened. They should then make multiple copies of this document and sign them. Those that fail to carry out this step could remove their chances of receiving assistance form the company for any medical treatments.

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When an employee feels uncomfortable with any legal or medical documents, they should contact a legal professional to discuss their options. The period immediately following an accident or injury can turn into a blur, and a simple mistake at this point could result in years of hardship. This includes any issues that the patient has with the medical services that they receive. An experienced and friendly medical malpractice lawyer could help them receive compensation for any issues with their treatment following their injury.

An accident in the workplace may seem like a difficult situation to work through, but all employees have rights and are backed by the law. These legal professionals can help their clients work through these ordeals in order to move forward with their lives as quickly as possible.

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Mike is a freelance blogger. She recommends medical malpracitce lawyer David Benowitz and Seth Price if you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury as the result of substandard medical care.

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