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Are You Dressed Appropriately for Your Interview?

It’s a simple question and it should be responded with a resounding “yes”. However, if you’re even slightly hesitant to respond with a “yes”, then you need to carefully consider how important your next job interview is.

If you’ve been out of work for some time, then it’s understandable if you haven’t fully recovered from a lazy and unalert state. Sadly, if you have an impending interview and you have yet to pick out a suit or outfit that matches your job description, then you need to get shopping as soon as possible.

Dress to impress

Business owners love to see a smartly dressed employee. The aim isn’t to come into your interview with casual wear that you would normally wear to work. The aim is to impress your interviewers and show them that you mean business. A formal suit, shirt and a matching tie is usually all it takes to make a good first impression. However, there are times when your employer can detect a sense of uneasiness with your movements.

Interviewers are experts at picking up body language and lies. If you walk into an interview with a nervous composure and look uncomfortable in a suit, then it’s obvious to your employer that you don’t have confidence. To fix this, wear your suit with pride a couple of days before you go for your interview to get used to it. It should fit neatly around your body and you should feel comfortable and confident inside of formal attire. Look smart, feel smart, and you’ll increase your chances of getting a job.

Dress for the job

It makes sense to try and impress your employer at an office, but you’re not going to impress anyone if you are applying for a dangerous job, such as being a fisherman or a logger, and you show up in a suit and tie. In those kinds of situations, your employer will probably raise a curious eyebrow at you and wonder if you’ve walked into the wrong job interview.

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In times like this, you probably want to wear something casual that fits the job such as a pair of dickies overalls. You’ll look the part, you’ll be comfortable and you won’t look out of place surrounded by sweating lumberjacks while you cook yourself in the blazing heat inside of your fancy suit.

Be Conservative

Although women can typically follow the “dress to impress” mantra when attending an interview, they also need to be a little conservative when applying for a job. Don’t wear bright colours like red, yellow or blue. Try to wear dark and conservative colours that don’t stand out like a sore thumb. You should be wearing a skirt if the weather allows for it, and it should follow a dark colour scheme much like your suit.

Don’t wear something that stands out like animal prints, lacy clothes or anything low-cut. Don’t polish your nails to a point they stand out and shine, and try to wear neutral makeup that doesn’t make you look like a fashion model. You want to impress, but unless you are walking into a modelling interview, you want to remain conservative.

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