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Dress The Part: How To Know What To Wear For Different Job Interviews

dress the partIn today’s economy, finding a job is hard, but it’s not impossible. If you’re lucky enough to get chosen for an all-important job interview, it’s important to dress appropriately to increase your chances of going from interviewee to employee.




If your interview is going to be in the business field, it’s often helpful to find out what the company’s dress code policy is before your interview. For example, if the men typically wear dress pants and shirts with ties, then it’s a good idea to go a step above and beyond what is expected by wearing a suit. The same applies for ladies. If the standard code of dress is a nice skirt or slacks and blouse, it’s desirable to show up in a business suit (skirt, blazer, and professional blouse) or dress, complete with stockings and immaculate pumps or heels. Also, makeup and perfume should be kept to a minimum. Hair should be neatly styled and combed into place, with just enough hairspray to hold your style. Always make sure that any accessories are in good taste. This means a professional-looking watch, and for the ladies, no over-sized, gaudy earrings. Carry a briefcase, or some type of leather ipad case. “Conservative is usually the best route to take in interview situations” according to For gentlemen, a professional briefcase is a plus. For the ladies, no over-sized or flashy purses, please. A small, discreet, and basic black clutch or handbag is perfect.


All Other Industries


Depending upon the type of job you’re trying to land, anything from a suit to business casual will work. Business casual would be appropriate for anyone who is interviewing for a job in a restaurant, hotel, or retail outlet. Business casual refers to nice slacks and a nice dress shirt (tie optional) for men, and nice slacks, a nice blouse, an appropriate, professional pantsuit, or a dress or nice skirt for the ladies. Showing up for a job interview in a nice pair of jeans (no fading, rips or tears, and definitely no baggy or sagging jeans) is appropriate, as well as a nice button-down or polo-style shirt. Refrain from T-shirts, sandals, and flip flops, and instead choose a nice pair of athletic shoes, dress shoes, or other appropriate casual shoes. The same applies for the ladies.

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