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Interviewing Tips and Tactics

One of the hardest parts about finding a job is the interview. If you don’t have a lot of experience interviewing, it can be very intimidating and nerve racking. It’s hard to know just how to approach it, how to handle yourself and even what to wear. There are some tried and true tips to keep in mind to help you relax and focus on the questions.

First, dress for the job interview and be prepared. Wear what is appropriate for the job, whether it’s a suit or a shirt and tie. Never under dress! Being dressed up makes you look enthusiastic and serious about the job. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed at least a day before the meeting. Next, make sure you print extra resumes and remember to take them with you. Most likely they will have your resume with them, but in case they don’t or they need extra copies, make sure you have them available. When you get to the interview, make eye contact! This seems like a no-brainer, but it can be easy to forget in a high-pressure situation. Making eye contact with the interviewer or interviewers shows them you are interested in them and focused on the conversation. Also be sure to listen carefully, but don’t be afraid to have them restate a question or clarify. And finally, be positive! Don’t give negative information about yourself or about past employers. Talk about your strengths and how they apply to the position.

Interviewing is difficult, even for the most seasoned employees. Being prepared will put you at ease. Take advantage of your time to ask questions and be engaged. And above all else, relax and be yourself.

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