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Interviewing Tips

Interviewing can be a nerve wracking experience! All of your preparation can pay off, but only if you perform once in front of your interviewer. Not everyone does well in this type of situation, but here are a few tips that can help you to be your best.

Be Cool!

Try to remain calm when getting ready to go into a job interview. The more you allow yourself to feel stressed, the more it will show when you get in front of a prospective employer. Just remind yourself that you are good at this, that it’s just a conversation, and that the person on the other side of the table is just a person too. Don’t let anxiety get the best of you.

Be Confident!

Confidence is completely appealing, especially in an interview situation. Speak with self-assurance, express yourself calmly and with certainty. If you have questions or are afraid you may not have understood a question, ask them to repeat it. Don’t lose your cool, just have poise and certainty. Remember that you’ve done this before, that you’re good at it, and that you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

Make Eye Contact and Have a Firm Handshake!

This is pretty self explanatory. Don’t let your eyes wander during the interview or they might think you’re not interested in them or what they have to say. Make eye contact to show you are engaged.

Having a firm handshake might not seem important, but have you ever had to shake hands with a limp fish? That’s what a weak handshake is like. It leaves you feeling like the person you just met wasn’t all that interested in meeting you. A firm handshake is as important in assuring your interest as eye contact.

Be Yourself!

Whatever you do, be yourself. Trying to be over-confident or impressing your interviewer by being something you’re not is not the way to get the job. Being fake lends itself to your personal discomfort when you’re not being true to yourself. If you’re confident and comfortable with yourself you’re more likely to get the job!

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