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Interviewing Wardrobe Tips

Congratulations, you got a call and have an interview! There are so many things to do to prepare. You’ve done your important homework on the company. You have your resume, with extra copies just in case. You know what time to arrive and how to get there. You’ve gone over practice interview questions and rehearsed your eye contact and handshake. What else could there possibly be to think about? You have to consider your wardrobe!

It seems like a no-brainer, but what you wear to an interview is going to be part of that first impression you give to your potential employer, and you want that first impression to be positive. Dressing for success and dressing for the job you want are more than just silly sayings. They happen to be true! But you don’t want to go overboard (or under board, for that matter). You don’t want to overdress and you especially don’t want to under dress. Go for neutral. You should look nice and well groomed but not overstated or inappropriate. A suit and tie or, at the minimum, a blazer, slacks and a tie are good choices for men. Think on the conservative end when choosing suit, shirt and tie color. Unless you’re interviewing in a field that embraces a more expressive style, keep it simple. For women it’s always acceptable to wear a blazer over a blouse with pants or a skirt. Women should also keep it simple. Avoid elaborate hair or makeup and save your tight fitting clothes for your personal time. Also stick with simple jewelry. Again, unless you’re looking for a job in an industry where colorful or flashy clothes are the norm, keep it simple and tasteful with a slant toward the more conservative.

When preparing for that all-important interview, don’t overlook the importance of wardrobe. Making a good first impression is important, and how you look will have a big impact. Keep in mind when choosing your interview outfit that your clothing should make a good impression, but should not detract from you. Keep it tasteful and simple and you’ll be on your way to looking great!

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