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Interviews: What Should You Look For?

As a business owner, the task of recruitment is always difficult. Whether it is your first time or the thousandth, it doesn’t get any easier and, as the talent pool grows, the task looks set to become even more difficult. Problems arise because of your passion and, if it is your business, you want to protect it and ensure that you hire the right person. Thankfully, we have compiled a helpful list of hints and tips that help you find the best candidate.

First Impressions Count

Remember, it only takes a second to make a first impression and, as all of your candidates should be out to impress you, they should all make a good one. Always remember that customers often spend under a minute talking to staff members in shops and over the phone it is still generally under three minutes. For this reason, first impressions matter.

How a candidate dresses is more important than you’d first think as it is important that they look professional while at work. With companies such as Ebrookes now offering personalised corporate clothing, businesses are clearly seeing the advantages of professionalism and uniformity in the workplace and it is clear that your candidates should too.

Maintaining Eye Contact

Although interviews are nervous times for candidates, you should expect them to be warm and approachable; much like they would be in front of clients and customers. A client that will thrive in the business world will be more than willing to make eye contact with you and should have a positive and open body language. Small factors such as these can make a big difference and can help show you who is the best candidate for the job.

Matching the CV

Everyone should hand their full CV in to apply for the job and you’ve probably asked them in for an interview because of it. However, most employers fail to check the facts and figures on a CV and many people tell mistruths. To counter this, be sure to double check their CV before they arrive and get in touch with any references or institutions to verify their claims.

When the candidate enters the room and starts the interview, be sure to grill them on the CV itself and ask them to flesh out more details. This should help you establish truths and it will show you who is willing to divulge the most about their past. Remember, an open and honest relationship is vital in business.

So there you have it, three vital tips that should help you find the right candidate for the job. Good luck.

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