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Job Interview 101 – Practice Makes Perfect

job interviewThere are so many people who will go to an interview and be caught off guard. This is the easiest thing to avoid and if you are well prepared for your job interview then you will give yourself the best possible chance at nailing the interview and hopefully landing the job as a result.

The best way to be prepared for a job interview is by practicing in advance of your interview. This starts with knowing every aspect of your resume. Go over your resume several times as you never know what you will be asked about at the interview about your resume. If you forget what you put on your resume you may have the potential employer thinking that you made up certain parts of your resume. After all, if you don’t know you, who does?

You also need to practice how you will answer questions. To do this give yourself an interview. As silly as it sounds, it is a very easy and also very effective exercise. Look in the mirror and ask yourself a series of questions. Be sure you ask yourself the all important, “Tell me about yourself,” question as you know it will crop up in the real interview. Really study not only what you say, but how you say it as well. Saying the words uhhh, ummm, and ahhh too much do not lend well to your credibility.

After you have interviewed yourself ask yourself if you would hire you. If the answer is yes you are good to go, if it is no then conduct another interview.

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Remember, practice makes perfect and a job interview is no exception to that rule. By being well prepared and knowing what to say ahead of time, you will be able to give yourself a strong advantage and a boost in confidence when you go in for the actual interview itself.


  1. Judy

    I am always looking for more job search advice. Thank for the tips. It”s really tough to find a good job these days.

  2. Kathy

    I found it’s helpful to record yourself answering questions. There can be a big difference in how you think you answer the questions and how you actually answer them. I also found out I pushed my hair behind my ear way too many times as I was talking and it’s good for me to be consciously aware of that so I can control it.

  3. B. Tan

    It is important to know about features and benefits when going for a job interview. You need to be able to tell the job interviewer what YOU can do for his or her company. Body language is also very important because it will tell the interviewer what you are feeling, whether you are telling lies or if you’re confident.

  4. Hafid alakari

    It is completely natural to feel nervous before a job interview but you can minimize pre-
    interview jitters with some preparation. Hopefully you have completed initial research
    on the company you applied for before being called in for an interview but you are going
    to need to do more. You will never know exactly what is going to be asked of you
    (unless you have an inside source), but you can be ready for the questions by knowing
    your stuff.
    Look up the company website and study the history, about us page, and the products and
    services that are offered. Even if you are pretty sure you are not going to be quizzed on
    how the company came to be, it will give you insight into how the company operates and
    their philosophy. By of these factors should influence how you answer your questions. If
    it is obvious they place high value on team players, you should brainstorm situations
    when you have displayed this trait.

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