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Look the Part at Your Interview

Landing a job interview is arguably the hardest part of getting a great paying job. So why then would you risk not securing that job because you didn’t look the part in the interview?

No matter what kind of job you are after, you need to look more than just presentable when going into your interview. This doesn’t mean that you need to rent a tuxedo or an evening gown, but it does mean that you need to wear more than simple attire.

If you are not sure how dressy you should be for your interview, try visiting the place you will interview at before you actually have your interview. Simply go to the building as the work day begins and see how everyone who already works there is dressing. This of course will not be the thing to do if everyone wears a uniform for example.

Sometimes looking the part is just being aware of what you are wearing and how you are looking. Flip flops are a no-no as are sorts and a t-shirt. Some people will even attempt to wear a hat to an interview, which really shows nothing more than the fact that they didn’t want to take the time to do your hair before the interview.

Remember that you are asking a potential employer, who knows very little about you, to give you a job. So, you have to take the time to dress well and primp your hair just a bit. Guys should also be sure to shave. In other words, you need to look presentable.

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Your interview is your opportunity to sell yourself and you can’t do that if the potential employer is less than impressed with the way you look. Looking presentable will take the potential employer’s focus off of your looks and pace it instead on what you say during your interview allowing you to adequately sell yourself with your skills and your knowledge.

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