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Nailing the Job Interview

There is little doubt that your best chance at getting a job lies within the job interview. Yes, your resume can dazzle a potential employer, but you then have to follow up that dazzle by nailing the interview. If you go about your interview a certain way, you can almost assure this is done.

First and foremost, dress to impress for your job interview. You have to look that part and this includes being groomed as neat as can be. No matter how your social life has you looking, remember that your business life will be something totally different.

Next, be sure that you are on time to your interview. In fact, it never hurts to be a few minutes early. If you are late to a job interview then you will only have the potential employer thinking that this is your style and that you will likely be late to work. So why then would they hire you?

When you enter the actual interview itself be sure to make solid eye contact with the interviewer and shake their hand with a firm, but not deadly, grasp. Wait for them to sit first before you sit and make sure that you sit comfortably, but not to the point where you are slouching.

As far as the actual interview goes, you should be well prepared in advance for all the possible questions that you will get asked, especially the dreaded, “Tell me about yourself.” A little prep work and practice on your part the night before the interview goes a long way in making you sound eloquent and filling you full of confidence.

Always leave with another handshake and make sure to thank the interviewer for their time. If you are able to nail your job interview in this manner then you can exit knowing that you did all you could in order to get the job.

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