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Selling Yourself Effectively to a Potential Employer – Part 1

As a job candidate, you are trying to sell yourself to employers; therefore, it is important to look at yourself as a product. As with any other product, marketing is the most important aspect when it comes to gaining interest from your ‘customers’ and completing the sale. It the world of job interviews, there are two important tips to keep in mind when it comes to selling yourself effectively to a potential employer. Today, we will talk about the first tip, which is:

Make sure to highlight what you will bring to the table

This means letting the employer know how you will help the company. You can figure that out by answering these two questions: “What skills do I have that will benefit this company?” and “What accomplishments have a made that would be relevant in this environment?” Once you have answered these two questions, come up with a professional way to introduce them to the potential employer and give them wording that will really make them ‘sell’.

We will discuss our second important tip for selling yourself effectively to a potential employer in our next posting – be sure to keep an eye out for it!

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