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Showing You Have Done Your Homework

Job hunting tips always include the one that says you should do your homework about the company prior to an interview. So many of us do but when we get in the interview, it seems to be completely focused on us and our past that we never seem to get the chance to show we have researched the company. It is very important to find the opportunity to show that you have indeed done the research about the firm you are interviewing with.

When the interviewer asks if you have any questions, start with “I’ve noticed from my research that your firm…” Another opportunity is if the interviewer asks why you want to work for this company. You can name some of the philanthropic things the company has done, their policies, their achievements or anything else that you have learned about them. When asked the question “Why should we choose you over another applicant?” mention how your skills or beliefs fit something specific about the company. If all else fails, when leaving thank the interviewer and say what an honor it was to be interviewed at a company that has…

Take note of these subtle ways of showing your knowledge of the firm you are being interviewed for and you’ll be well on your way to impressing the recruiters.

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