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Things to do at a Job Interview

The next step after passing out your resume to hundreds, and maybe even thousands, of potential employers is to hope for a job interview or two. When you do land a job interview you need to be sure that you treat the opportunity with the utmost of respect and know how you should conduct yourself once inside the office of the interviewer.

Here are some things you should always do at any job interview you have:

  • Shake Hands: The first thing you should do is smile and shake hands with the person who will interview you. Be sure to look at them while you do this and thank them for the opportunity right off the bat.
  • Keep Eye Contact: While the interview is going on, show the interviewer that you are intently interested on what they are saying by keeping eye contact. Looking around the room or staring off into space will only have them thinking you are not paying attention and will certainly not help your chances at landing the job.
  • Speak Clearly: Nothing has the tendency to turn off an interviewer more than you saying, “Ummm” or ‘Uhhh.” Speak slowly and clearly and try to avoid tripping on your own words.
  • Watch Your Posture: You want to be comfortable, but do not slouch in your chair. Sit up and keep a professional look that tells the interviewer, “Hey, I’m not lazy, in fact I am a hard worker.”

It’s all pretty simple really. In any interview you have a very limited amount of time to convince the interviewer that you are the person for the job. However, this can’t be done with great ease if you are not paying attention to what you are doing in the interview itself. If you get to lackadaisical with the process, you will likely find that you have to keep on looking for a job opportunity because that one will likely be blown.

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