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TV Characters as Your Job Interview Fashion Consultant?!?

arrangement of clothing

In a job interview, your outfit can communicate as much as your responses to the interviewer’s questions. It speaks to your personal style, your fit for the position and your common sense. When getting ready for your next interview, take a cue from these fashionable TV characters and dress the part.

The Power Player

If your work days will be filled with high-octane meetings and your nights with networking events, cocktail parties and galas, you’ll need a wardrobe that’s peppered with fashion staples, sturdy shoes and a few trendy pieces. Take inspiration from “Scandal”‘s Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington), who runs a high-powered Washington, D.C., crisis management firm. Even though Washington makes her money off crises, she’s no fashion train wreck: Washington wears tailored pantsuits, structured blazers and Burberry outwear. For an interview, pair a neutral, structured pantsuit with matching heels and a pastel blouse. You’ll come off as put-together, confident and in control, and demonstrate the good sense to blend your attire to the occasion.

The Nonprofit

A nonprofit executive wears many hats, but there’s one thing she should never wear: Jeans. If you’re interviewing for a managerial role at a nonprofit, you should demonstrate that you can walk the line between comfortable and stylish, sartorially speaking.

You never know when you’ll run into a potential donor or have to stay at work late right before a big fundraiser, so you need to look good every day. Take inspiration from the fictional environmental nonprofit director Claire Underwood from “House of Cards.” She keeps it business professional with tailored button-down shirts, charcoal dresses and black pencil skirts. Underwood’s wardrobe mixes everyday pieces from stores like Banana Republic and Theory with designer pieces for night events, costume designer Tom Broecker told For an interview outfit, pair a charcoal dress with a black blazer and statement heels.

The Creative

You’re an artist, a creative thinker, a free spirit. You’re applying for work in a creative field where thinking outside the box is the norm, yet you’ve still got to abide by rules and—especially on the interview—you want to dress to impress. If you’ll be working in an artsy environment, think Jessa Johansson from “Girls” (played by Jemima Kirke). Jessa was named one of TV’s most stylish characters by The Guardian, and her boho vibe will signal that you’re right at home in the creative world. She wears artifacts gathered from her world travels and pairs things together in an unexpected manner, which demonstrates her creative thinking. For an interview, think flow-y floral or geometric print dress, a neutral blazer, sheer scarf and sensible shoes.

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it’s wrinkle-free. Choose accessories, makeup and a hair style that complement your look, taking clues here too from TV’s fashionable characters. For more inspiration, visit to learn how you can catch up on missed episodes or entire seasons of your favorite shows.

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