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Use The Right Words To Nail A Job Interview

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There are certain words that everyone will hear as they prepare for an interview. ‘Nail’ and ‘smash’ are the two most common phrases, but there are plenty more. These terms are supposed to make you feel more confident before you walk into a room and talk to a bunch of strangers for forty-five minutes. ‘If only I can smash this interview, my career might catch fire.’ Yes, it might because the right job will open all kinds of doors. To secure the right position, though, it’s essential to use the right words as employers monitor what you say and how you speak. Here are terms that they want to hear in the correct context.

‘I’m Organised With Attention To Detail’

The first thing they want to know is how you will cope with the demands of the job. The role will more than likely be high pressure, and pressure can affect candidates in different ways. Some thrive in an intense, fast-paced environment, while others wilt. For obvious reasons, they are looking for the people that don’t wilt. In their minds, a high level of organisation is the key skill which helps them sort the men from the boys. Or, the girls from the women. Anyone that doesn’t know how to manage their workload is bound to be one-step off the pace, and these candidates only harm the firm. What’s with the attention to detail part? The people that take preparation seriously understand the need to sweat the small stuff.

‘I Graduated From…’

It’s worth noting that businesses don’t put all of their recruitment eggs in one basket. So, most companies won’t focus solely on the candidate’s education because there is more to a successful employee. However, they do like to hear about institutes of higher learning as it means you have a degree or degrees. Lots of job hunters list where they went to university, but they never mention it in the interview. Don’t make the same mistake. Whether you went to Maryville University or Oxford, mention it in passing. The person might be an alumnus, which gives you a connection. Or, they might look favourably on individual universities because of a particular stigma.

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‘I Work Well In A Team’

An office is a weird place. Everyone acts like they are friends, but they will stab you in the back when they get the chance. Careers are for the individual, but businesses centre around teamwork. Even if you aren’t a team player, you need to promote the fact that you are in the interview. Single-minded candidates don’t get very far because companies need people that play nice. It isn’t an easy dichotomy to perfect, but it gets easier with time. The trick is to help people when they need it, and take help when offered. Career enhancement is about making bridges, not burning them down. Just watch your back in the process.  

These words won’t guarantee you the job because there is a lot more to a successful interview. But, they will help you stand out above the rest of the applicants.

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