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iPhone Apps You Must Use as a Small Business Owner

Small business owners in our day and age have an extraordinary tool available in the form of the iPhone. iPhone apps are powerhouses of small business efficiency. You can monitor expenses and create new projects on-the-go. Here are the cream of the crop for you to check out.

Billings Touch

Billings Touch is a one-stop shop for client invoices. Track specific projects or individual clients and send invoices directly from your iPhone. It also includes a built-in timer and mileage tracker. Its Blueprint option features templates for easy invoice creation, and Billings Touch can also process multiple currency types and tax concerns.

Google Drive

Keep track of everything, sync everything and carry everything. With Gmail integration and the ability to store any file type, Google Drive not only stores documents but allows for sharing and co-editing. The built-in document editor is full-featured and easy to use, and your first 5 gigabytes of storage space is free.

Form Mobi

Form Mobi is the clipboard of the digital age. A powerhouse of forms, on-the-fly diagrams and even CAD sketches, there is little Form Mobi cannot handle. Collect pictures in a single location and give relevant descriptions to each, enjoy Google Maps integration and easy access quick lists all in one app.


Tackle database management with Bento. With 25 customizable templates, Bento allows you to track everything from contacts to project progress to event planning within a single app. If you purchase the desktop version of Bento as well, Bento will sync between the two devices for up-to-date database management. It also integrates with other iPhone apps such as Mail, Safari and Maps for seamless use.


For the frequent traveler, BizXpenseTracker is an invaluable tool. Capable of tracking multiple locations, handling different currencies and multiple types of expenditures, BizXpenseTracker gives you a tidy, at-a-glance idea of how much money you are spending on your business trips.


Square takes the guess work out of credit cards. This free app and plug-in device asks only 2.75% of each transaction for its ease of use anytime, anywhere.


For the brainstorming aficionado, Mindnode is must. Unlike other mind mapping applications with cluttering features and bothersome interfaces, Mindnode is clean and easy-to-use. Create flow charts of ideas, highlight important points and reorganize with ease.


Maximize productivity with fully synced task lists. Asana allows you to track multiple projects, keep individualized task lists, prioritize tasks and sync between your computer and mobile device.

Author Bio

Mike is a small business owner who actually uses many of these apps on his iPhone 5. He enjoys blogging and more importantly, spending time with his wife and three very active sons.

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