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Job Qualifications for Interior Architects

Becoming an interior architect could open up a world of opportunities. You might be traveling – a lot, meeting interesting people, and working on some amazing projects. You could design the interiors of hotels, schools, universities, laboratories and more. Virtually any place indoors where people cohabitate will be your dominion. For instance, if you are designing a hotel it will be your job to place the furniture, the front desk and any other features needed to make a guest’s stay as hospitable as possible. Although not considered an interior “designer,” an interior architect is a part of the field of traditional architecture – essentially you are building the indoor space of a particular structure and not making decorative choices. Here are some of the job qualifications for interior architects.

For one, what does an empty room say to you when you walk inside it? Can you walk into a room and immediately start to get ideas on how you can bring form and function to it? One of the biggest job qualifications to become an interior architect is if you have an innate gift or talent. Perhaps you took a drafting class when you were younger and you fell in love with the field. Typically one of the biggest things that employers look for is passion.

Next, you usually need to acquire your bachelor’s degree. By taking some kind of advanced program you will learn the intricacies of the craft and the industry. You might even find what branch of interior architecture you want to be a part of. Do you want to design schools, apartment buildings, or office spaces? In some cases it might be hard to find a program that deals specifically with interior architecture, so you usually have to take a course in traditional architecture first. You will learn all the same trade secrets of interior architecture in a regular architecture program.

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After you’ve taken a program and have gotten your degree, it is time to immerse yourself. One way to do this is to study more and to travel. Visit architectural wonders and iconic structures around the world and learn about different styles. This can be an important way to build your visual reference base. The best interior architect is someone who has seen it all and can determine whether something is played out or is derivative. Plus, an interior architecture firm will want to hire someone who is extremely knowledgeable and versatile.

Lastly, work as an intern to get real world experience in the field. You might be starting off shopping on sites like HomeQ ( to source designer furniture for projects and you might be making lots of coffee runs, but at the end of the day a quality internship could mean the difference between getting a job at a top interior architecture firm or not. When it comes to interior architecture, you want to find a job at the best firm, because this will allow you to work on your dream projects. At the end of the day, though, the number one job qualification is a willingness to work hard.

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