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5 Common Job Search Mistakes to Avoid

We all make mistakes. After all, it’s human nature. However, you have to keep these errors from creeping into a job search or else you’ll become one of the dreaded long-term unemployed. Once this happens, you’ll get into a rut that is hard to get out of. To avoid this fate, you have to stop making foolish mistakes that are prevalent in every job search. Below are 5 basic mistakes to avoid.

1 – Dull Resume

It is common for job seekers to submit resumes which are little more than a collection of previous job details. While you need to highlight your experience, it is equally important to show prospective employers your accomplishments. Don’t write about what you did for a company, explain how your actions benefited the company. For example, don’t talk at length about your financial skills, show how it made money for your previous employer. This will differentiate you from other applicants. Hire a resume writer if necessary, but you must have a great resume to present your skills in the best possible light.

2 – Forgotten Network

All successful professionals have a network of colleagues, acquaintances and business associates. It’s common for people to completely ignore these contacts for a long time before attempting to get in touch when they need something. Getting in touch with your network only when you are in need will soon see your list of associates dwindle. Think of ways to stay in touch. You could meet for coffee, send them articles of interest or attend professional organization’s events.

3- Online Invisibility

In the modern era, a professional is judged on his/her online presence. You can mention that you’re an industry leader on your resume but if a prospective employer can’t find your name online, they will not be impressed. It’s common for companies to look beyond a candidate’s resume these days and an online search is one of the best ways of doing that. Perhaps you could create your own website and at the very least you should have profiles on social networking sites such as LinkedIn.

4 – Lack Of Personal Marketing

You need to think carefully about what you want in your next job. Consider the position, industry, location, corporate culture and company size that appeals to you before applying for any job. Do some research and find companies that match these ideals before directly marketing yourself to these organizations. Look to your network and see if it has any contacts within a particular company. Your goal is to build a relationship with these companies before they need new talent so when job openings do come available, you will be at the front of the queue.

5 – Interview Blunders

Just getting to a job interview in a competitive job marketplace is an achievement but an alarming number of candidates manage to mess up the final stage. The most obvious and easily avoidable mistakes include failing to adequately prepare, dressing inappropriately and showing a lack of enthusiasm. In addition, you need to forget any grievances you have against past employers and never say negative things about them. Why would a company want someone on board who would denigrate them once that employee left for another job?

By cutting these basic mistakes out of your job search, you greatly increase your chances of finding the ideal job for you. Be sure to read the JobGoRound job search blog to get practical job search advice.

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