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5 Ways To Improve Your Job Prospects When You’re Unemployed

If you have been unemployed for a while, you will possibly feel low and unmotivated. There may be reasons why you aren’t getting hired, so it’s important to find ways to improve your job prospects. Here are some of the ways you can do it.

Look for the right jobs

It may be that you are looking in the wrong places for your next job. If you have bills to pay, and a family to look out for, you will understandably be exploring every possible avenue to find work. However, you are also wasting time and energy if you apply for jobs you aren’t suited for. Only go for those jobs where you have a reasonable chance of success, and spend your valuable time pursuing these opportunities.

Improve your resume

Before the employer meets the ‘real you,’ the resume is your first opportunity to give an excellent first impression. This resume writing guide will give you some valuable tips on how to write a document that will reflect your personality and skill-set. When working on your resume, good spelling and grammar is vital if you want to impress the employer, so always use a spelling and grammar checker on your computer to correct any mistakes.

Network with others

Sometimes it’s not what we know, but who we know. There may be family or friends who are able to give you a push in the right direction. Alternatively, go to job fairs and meet employers face to face in an informal setting. If you have a particular career in mind, attend an industry event, armed with your resume to hand out to people of interest. Push yourself and grab the attention of others, to give yourself the step-up you need.

Go back to school

If there is a particular job you want, but you don’t have the skills or training needed, you will probably have to go back to school. By taking an online course, or going back to school as a mature student, you will be able to get the appropriate qualifications to improve your chances of success. Many of these are flexible and can be worked around having a family, so don’t rule yourself out of education if there are other demands on your time.

Get some experience

The other way to build up your skill-set, and improve your resume, is to get experience in the field of work. You may have to work on a voluntary basis, but the employer will sit up and take notice if you have given your time for nothing. You may have also gained the experience necessary for the job you are applying for. Look online for volunteer opportunities near you, or speak to your local careers office. Despite the benefits mentioned already, you will also boost your self-esteem by gaining confidence in working and you will have something to distract you in between your job searches.

Final word

You aren’t the only one looking for work. There will be hundreds of other potential applicants going for the same jobs you are, but you will stand out from the crowd, and improve your prospects if you follow our advice. Persevere, and don’t get disheartened. With some concerted effort on your part, you will land a job eventually, so go forward with confidence. You can do it!

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