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8 Essentials for Landing a Job in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the biggest around the world. It revolves around the different roles in the food and beverage areas and hotel sector, but this also extends to a wide range of industries that are associated with tourism, conference career paths, and food service. Some of the most notable positions to be had within this industry are chefs, event planners, hotel management personnel, therapists, supervisors, and waitstaff.

For you to be successful in applying for hospitality jobs in the Middle East or anywhere in the world, here are eight essential things you must possess.

1. Formal training

Just as in any other industry, you must possess the right formal training, qualifications, and certifications so you can progress within the hospitality industry. Remember that regulations govern every venue, so you need to reflect such high standards.

In addition, you need to complete specific courses or attain a particular diploma to elevate your knowledge and skills regarding this industry. Stand out from the competition by earning hands-on knowledge, experience, and skills in different areas of housekeeping, events, food and beverage service, and reception. Some hotels may require jobseekers like you to undergo training conducted in their premises so you can learn the ins and outs of the establishment you’ll be working at.

2. Excellent communication skills

Working in the hospitality industry will require plenty of interaction between staff, the management, and of course, the customers. Without proper communication, issues may arise and the entire business might sink.

In today’s fast-paced environment, everything should run smoothly and within schedule. To guarantee this, effective communication (both oral and written, and with that essential touch of courtesy) should be executed at all times.

3. A sense for providing excellent customer service

You will be dealing with a lot of customers daily since this industry is a customer-facing working environment. To ensure success, you need to make sure that all guests are having a great time and are satisfied with the service they are receiving.

  • You should be able to create a welcoming ambience for the people you interact with every day.
  • Learn to listen to customers’ needs and make sure to meet them as promptly as possible.
  • If they have concerns, you must empathize with them and provide effective solutions.
  • Most importantly, you need to know how to turn tense situations into an opportunity to showcase how excellent your company is when it comes to customer care.

Always remember that in the hospitality industry, your customer is always right. Talk about unsatisfying service can easily spread. So always prioritize their happiness.

4. Cultural awareness

Expect to encounter people of different races, religions, nationalities, and cultures. If you are from the UK, for instance, and you are accepted for work as a receptionist in an establishment in Dubai, you must study up and understand their unique culture. Be open-minded and flexible, and learn to embrace customs and beliefs no matter how different they are from your own.

This is the best way to boost customer satisfaction and inspire your customers to recommend the restaurant or hotel you are working in.

5. Food safety knowledge

Food safety does not only cover bars and restaurants. Today, there are hotels offering complimentary food and beverages, food for conferences, and free meals. In fact, even spas and salons are now offering beverages to their clients.

Whenever food and drinks are served, there is always the risk of customers experiencing food poisoning and triggered allergies. This is why companies in the hospitality industry must be well-equipped with the strictest food safety and sanitation standards to prevent costly violations and to keep the customers safe.

Remember that a safe and clean experience at your establishment will encourage your customers to keep coming back.

6. A knack for working in a team

Teamwork is crucial to keeping customers satisfied. For instance, waiters should help one another by cleaning and setting up tables, assisting with food delivery, and solving customer problems when a certain section is busy.

If you are capable of working well in a team, the risk of having a toxic workplace will significantly be reduced. In turn, this will lead to increased employee retention and fewer disagreements. A job in the hospitality industry requires you to work well not just with your customers but also with your co-workers.

7. Multitasking capabilities

Not everyone has the ability to multitask. If you want to land a job in this industry, you should be able to perform some degree of multitasking because you may find yourself in situations wherein you will be juggling different tasks while still trying to stay organized and focused on all your customers’ needs.

You may often be dealing with various responsibilities simultaneously. This may seem like a difficult task, but with time and determination, you will soon learn how to get things done more efficiently and effectively.

8. A can-do attitude

A positive, can-do attitude will make everyone feel comfortable whenever they are with you. An excellent tip is to always be enthusiastic about your job and facing every situation that comes up. Most importantly, stay positive at all times.


Pursuing a career in the hospitality industry will require you to adapt to constant changes as well as to always put customer satisfaction at the forefront of your decisions. If you want to land a job in this industry and become successful, make sure to learn and earn these essential skills and attributes. The most crucial skill is to always be ready to put a smile on your client’s face by meeting or even exceeding their expectations. 



Daulet Zhumagulov is the Founder and CEO at WeHoteliers, a specialized online hospitality portal in the GCC region where prospective and experienced talents can explore career opportunities and be discovered by the top employers of the industry. The company’s mission is to provide an efficient and modern platform that will focus on the needs and interests of hospitality professionals.

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